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  • Track your symptoms in a private and secure log

  • Print and share the log with your doctor
  • Connect with others that feel the same way you do
  • Get trusted and certified health news and information
Tracking your Symptoms in a Log can:
  • Ensure an effective dialog with your doctor
  • Help you be more aware of certain symptoms and actually become part of the treatment itself
  • Lead to better diagnosis, treatment and getting healthy faster!
Use the web with your doctor's advice rather than in place of it.
  • The simple and secure way to track how you feel. Search from over 5,000 symptoms and conditions.
  • Make new friends - Connect with friends and family to share your experiences and support.
  • Log your way to Better Health!
Don't be a cyber-chondriac.
cyber-chondriac (sy.bur.KAWN.dree.ak) n. - A person who imagines they have a particular disease because their symptoms match those listed on an Internet health site.
Track your symptoms
Using "symptom checkers" found on other sites, promotes the risks of self diagnosis.Tracking your symptoms promotes a better understanding of your health.

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